Best 181 Kids & family Activities

Photo “Barbecue” by Paweł Kadysz


Nothing beats a fun barbecue in your backyard. Heat the meat (or vegetables) now. Barbecue is a fun activity having a great day or night in fall, spring and summer.

Photo by Ondrej Supitar


Have fun together with shoot hoops, jump shots and testing your ability to score free-throws.

Photo “Paper Boats on Solid Surface” by Miguel Á. Padriñán


Battleship is a fun activity having a great day in fall, spring, summer and winter. Last updated in August 2020.

Photo “Photographing Girl” by

Be Tourists

You don’t have to travel far away. Be tourists in your hometown and see it from a traveler’s perspective.

Photo “Cute Man And Woman Sitting On A Beach With Sea” by Ed Gregory

Beach Time

Relax on the beach in good company with a bottle of water, sun cream and a parasol.

Photo by Valentina Alemanno

Beach Volleyball

Play Beach Volleyball together and be pleased with the perfect mix of fun and competition in a relaxing vacation atmosphere.

Photo by Nancy Byer

Beach Walk

Walk along the Beach and enjoy special moments with the sound of the waves. Beach Walk is a fun activity having a great day in fall, spring and summer.

Photo by Krzysztof Puszczyński

Berry Picking

Take your partner Berry Picking to the forest and eat the sweets straight from the bush.

Photo by Abigail Keenan

Bicycle Ride

Get the wheels spinning, explore new areas and feel the freedom of a Bicycle Ride.

Photo by Lia Leslie

Big Picture

Paint together a Big Picture and express your creative side with all kind of colors and forms.